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Hype Telecom | Terms and Conditions
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Terms and Conditions

1-1 Conditions: These terms and conditions.

1-2 Equipment: The equipment needed for access or use or Hype Telecom.

1-3 Beltegoed: pay it forward and unused amount or All which can be made ​​use of services and related fees As indicated on site Hype Telecom

1-4 A network connection where a surcharge is payable. Being 0900.

1-5 User: The person providing the service (s) or decreases less regard Whether he or she is a customer or Hype Telecom.

1-6 Client: Legal person To Whom Hype Telecom its services or the person who has registered at Hype Hype Telecom Telecom or with Whom has Entered into an agreement.

1-7 Rates:. The rates applicable for the end customer or Hype Telecom are available through site Hype Telecom is Entitled to change thesis rates. Unilaterally

Unless otherwise 1-8 (written), the prices of call credits payable in advance. Payments of this airtime via telephone banking Indicated on site Hype Telecom to meet and sent via PDF file to the end customer. The use of equipment Should be paid in advance before it is delivered. Upon customer

1-9 If credit is not sufficient is end user will have to upgrade yourself. These funds will be active after payment thereof and can be used Therefore after payment.




5-1 Privacy end customer is protected by Hype Telecom. As described below.
5-1a) Name, address, email, phone number (s) of birth, etc.
5-1b) Account overview and Belgian drag end user Hype Telecom.
5-1c) data end customer about credit data.
5-1d) Traffic and Belgian drag the end customer as well as the receiver and heard together personal information.

5-2 The end customer is responsible for accuracy of the data itself as an end user of Hype Telecom provided and
must timely Hype Telecom to make any changes. informed
Hype 5-3 If Telecom suspicions, the end customer information is incorrect ( partially or completely), this is
considered to be violating the terms and conditions and the service may be immediately suspended or
5-4 The end customer agrees that his or her data to authorized Hype Telecom to affiliated
entities may be provided, which are asked to Hype Telecom.
5-5 Hype Telecom is authorized to transfer if there is any personal information acquired by
third parties such as subsidiaries Hype Telecom or third single purchaser of Hype Telecom.
5-6, the end customer of Hype Telecom agrees that if his or her password is published by third parties or
properly imported by third parties without the cooperation Hype Telecom, his or her data is visible on
the end customer survey Hype Telecom.




6-1 The agreement with Telecom Hype is based on prepaid.
If, after completion by the end customer after 12 months are still funds is Hype
Telecom entitled to claim as property Hype Telecom. possible funds The
controlled equipment to end-users remains the property (former) end user. Hype Telecom is not legally
liable after termination end user (mis) use of the equipment supplied as indicated in
terms Hype Telecom.
6-2 Hype Telecom is authorized to by end users at all times under certain doubts the use of Hype Telecom
6 – 3 The duration of use of Hype Telecom indefinitely provided that the conditions are met.
Amendments and modifications will be shown on the website as indicated in conditions.
6-4 If end-use customer Hype Telecom after payment terminates immediately without having use made services and
funds, so in writing within five working days of receipt be made ​​to site address specified equipment
Hype Telecom. Hype Telecom will refund the purchase price to the end customer.

1-10 Hype Telecom Guarantees That 95% of the time on an annual basis is functional, force majeure and advance maintenance Indicated on its website except   This warranty work on the platform. Telecom assumes no responsibility for Hype internetworking end user its own Internet provider.

1-11 End customer Hype Telecom will receive a password and account number Which is linked via email.

1-12 Consumer agréés That bought credit for end user, and continues. There is no end date to this airtime for end customers as long Hype Telecom is registered as vendor.

1-13 Traffic: VoIP Voice over Internet Protocol. Voice over the Internet Protocol

1-14 End customer must Meet the following requirements: stable and active broadband Internet connection to use Hype Telecom. A computer. A suitable device That can make use of VoIP and SIP. A recent suitable mobile phone with internet access

1-15 The details of the calls made and call charges are available online content.

1-16 The end user connects does no good time to inform Hype Telecom. Every change of address in the absence of Such notification, any notice to be given to the current address of the end user legitimately

1-17 Service Provider: Any network or service provider That eight Hype Telecom, Telecom Hype All which will collaborate to deliver its services.




Hype Telecom used its website advertising where third parties registration page. Your personal details are not clear to those third parties.

Hype Telecom will in future be using your email data for promotional, promotions, or for any end-user satisfaction for yourself. Furthermore, your data will not be disclosed to third parties.

Hype Telecom will not mail or send data at the request of third parties, third parties

Hype Telecom strives for perfection and will, if necessary, an update must send to your Hype Telecom equipment or app. For your mobile phone. You will be informed of it via our website and via email which is delivered to us by you.

Hype Telecom, as well as their partners must adhere to the Telecommunications Act. This is the interception of internet by the police, judiciary and intelligence under terms permitted by law.
Obviously Hype Telecom very careful here and accurately will ensure that it is applied in a correct and legal manner and is properly handled. Hype by Telecom

Hype Telecom is obliged under law your disposal to keep at least one year and will enforce this law

Hype Telecom claims its services to end-users on a stable and active broadband Internet connection.
Hype Telecom uses a transparent tariff plan which is visible on the website of Hype Telecom.
All services must be paid in advance.

Hype Telecom is not liable for other accessories and or systems that are used or have been used by the end user for connection system Hype Telecom.This speaking of home alarm system via analog line, and other connections. Hype Telecom is solely responsible for the use of Hype Telecom system and the functioning of Hype Telecom.



3-1 If other (written) is the end customer after payment airtime, activated for use
Hype Telecom services. Hype Telecom serves as prepaid VoIP system and can only be used under
these conditions. If no credit (s), this must be purchased for use Hype Telecom ..
3-2 The rates apply at the time the consumer is activated by Hype Telecom. The rates of Hype
Telecom may be amended unilaterally at any time by Hype Telecom and marked on site.
3-3 Payments must be paid through bank as indicated on website
3-4 The end customer hereby authorizes Hype Telecom Writing a bank or giro account by the customer on the invoice
holds with an authorized financial institution. The end user must be a committed member at all times
such authorized financial institution with a bank or giro account which is suitable for depreciation on
services Hype Telecom.
If permission is not allowed void all obligations and conditions of Hype Telecom to final customer.
3 – 5 If the end customer does his or her credit used after a period of 12 months after the last use of VoIP
services Hype Telecom’s Hype Telecom empowered to dissolve. connections and services to end-users
without residual value of airtime to return to the end customer. end customer



4-1 Force Majeure retains all external causes that were not foreseeable and as a result, Hype
Telecom is unable to meet the end customer with its obligations. Below are (not only) failures
in the Internet, faults in the connections, disruptions in telecommunication infrastructure and structure, and
faults in the network by the end customer.
4-2 Hype Telecom is entitled to invoke force majeure if the circumstances permitting, when
further infringements be prevented after Hype Telecom should have fulfilled its obligation.
4-3 during force majeure also void all delivery and other obligations of Hype Telecom to
end customers. These are hereby suspended for up to two weeks. If it is not satisfied after this time, the
agreements and commitments end canceled and terminated without legal dispute.





2-1 The end customer will behave and develop in accordance with a responsible and careful manner. The end user sets
Hype Telecom as soon as possible in writing of any changes regarding the relevant data.
2-2 The end customer consents to Hype Telecom that his or her personal data to include in the
record required for administrative and management tasks. This information is not provided to third parties (non-
registered partners) provided unless Hype Telecom to do so under the law or a court order
2-3 The end customer is prohibited from interfering harm., or other users of Hype Telecom Similarly, the
equipment supplied by Hype Telecom to end customer. It also relates to this indirect misconfiguration
to the end customer side. End customer is making as described in terms of Hype only permitted use
Telecom. This also applies to use of Hype Telecom services and systems.
2-4 is the end customer to give or to use it. allowed his or her account to third parties For this
also applies to manual application. This should in extreme cases with the written permission of Hype Telecom.
2-5 The customer is responsible for the necessary hardware and software required to use Hype Telecom.
2-6 If electronic communications VoIP nuisance experienced by end user or by the end user or by
connected equipment, the end customer will breach the rules by Hype Telecom and responsible for
associated costs.
2-7 In case of theft or loss of Hype Telecom equipment or data that the end customer uses Hype
VoIP Telecom, Telecom must Hype thereof immediately is informed. Hype Telecom will instantly
set connection end customer outdoor use. Hype Telecom is not liable for the (personal) data
then are released. The costs here applicable, shall be borne user.
2-8 Hype Telecom is not liable if, in retrospect wrongfully fails to decommissioning and
if afterwards will prove that decommissioning was wrongly done.
2-9 The end customer providing services of Hype Telecom has closed will remain liable for the fulfillment of the
obligations of Hype telecom and end customer agrees, the obligations towards Hype
2-10 Hype Telecom for its services and networks dependent on other parties. Hype Telecom shall not be liable
for damages of any nature whatever reason, caused by the services and networks of other parties,
which are included in the network or infrastructure of the other parties.
2-11 If the end client software information for Hype Telecom VoIP is going to use Hype Telecom
is not responsible for the operation of this software.
2-12 If maintenance work is required or serving Hype Telecom we’ll do this as quickly as possible,
communicate via Hype Telecom website, unless this is not possible. There may be a possibility of non-or partially
functioning Hype Telecom.

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