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Our Company

Hype Telecom is a new innovative telecom company. We are particularly proud to be the first company in the Netherlands to offer our Hype Telecom DIGI BOX.
Prepaid Calls via your regular (analog) phone and easy to combine with our app * with your mobile. Everything organized in one bundle.
Where providers adhere to subscriptions and (price) agreements, we at Hype Telecom think that everyone should be able to experience the benefits the internet provides us. The InternetThe FREE CALL is appropriately and inappropriately used by the providers. On average consumers pay € 18.70 per month for FREE CALLS often a combination of television and internet subscription. Outside all of this you also pay per minute. Particularly high rates This is not always listed neatly by the providers.


We from HYPE TELECOM see and do it differently.The Internet offers all possibilities for this application without using obligations and also at very low rates.
After various developments and testing, you can now use our Hype Telecom DIGI BOX. The BOX is very compact and user friendly. No extra charge for taking your own fixed network number and rates with savings up to 80% of your current provider.Through our soon to launch app, you can also link your current call credit to your mobile phone. So do you use the same low rates. You also get not only a substantial savings on your call`s but a transparent access on your calling behavior. All you need is an Internet connection. This is just the beginning of the development of Hype Telecom.

Hype Telecom is nominated 2012 “most innovative newcomer” on the telecom market,
and through personal message of EU Commissioner “Neelie Kroes” in which she wishes us luck with this unique product.

We at Hype Telecom find It is time to say NO to providers and their excessively high prices and obligations.

Hype Telecom has made a start with DIGI BOX to save money on your call, up to 80% but continue to evolve, because this is just the beginning.

Hype Telecom  

What you get



Hours a Day


Days a Week


Days a Year

• Savings on your call 40% to 80%

• Maintaining your own landline number, this will be included free of charge by Hype Telecom

• Hype Telecom is one of the fastest growing company on pre paid phone fixed telephony

• Hype Telecom has no subscription no monthly recurring charges

• Check your data whenever you want with your own “My Hype” online 
• All countries in Europe for only 0.02 ct pm landline 
• This is the beginning. Soon our mobile app to combine your cell phone to your desk phone. 
• Your credit does not expire what remains yours yours 
• Pre-paid calling UNIQUE fixed telephony in the Netherlands.



It’s time to say NO to all providers with their high price agreements and obligations. Hype Telecom is a great new prepaid system for your landline through our DIGI BOX . Easy to install and easy to pair with your mobile phone. Hype Telecom offers a proffesional help desk ready for you. Are you ready for savings on your call, order our  DIGI BOX  and we take your phone  FREE on.

Lets Hype