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Whats All

The Hype About ?

The Cheapest Way To Call Everyone from Everywhere


Prepaid calling from a landline. 
or by mobile phone

No subscription No commitments No computer

A better way to save!

No price fixing and unexpected bills 
now Save 40 to 80% on your current call costs

Available Worldwide

Call worldwide with the lowest costs anywhere 
 Call across Europe for only 0.02 cents per minute

Simplicity and transparency

Transfer your present number for free.

Say No to providers with their high price agreements and obligations.


Hype Telecom is a great new Prepaid system for your landline. By using our DIGI BOX you will save 40 to 80% on your current phone costs, and easy to combine your mobile phone *. Hype Telecom offers a professional help desk with years of experience in telecommunications,. Order now Hype Telecom DIGI BOX and we take your landline number for free about.


Call throughout Europe for only 0.02 cents per minute to landlines.

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We at Hype Telecom stand for price, quality and total transparency

No price agreements, obligations or bills afterwards!



Subscription costs on average per month for free calls through your current provider

Your telephon bill simple and clear. 

Available on demand via “My Hype.” Its that easy!

When you log in via “My Hype” you will immediately see your calls from your landline and your mobile phone. This is simply because you’re now calling with phone via the Internet. With Hype Telecom you now have a bundle of fixed and mobile telephony. And now for the first time, YOU determines the cost and not the providers! 
At Hype Telecom we believe that everyone should have the opportunity to decide how much they want to pay because it is simply possible. So what are you waiting for, Let `s Hype!

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Download de Hype Telecom app*

Two iPhones 5

Hype Telecom is developing an app for its users with perfect sound quality and user-friendly application. Saving on your mobile phone costs has never been easier. If you already use our DIGI BOX, use the same code for your mobile. So an all in one, easy overview. Do you only call mobile? Than Hype Telecom uses the same great quality and low prices.*

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Free transfer of your current number and Transparency, with a simple helpdesk

Cheaper Calls

Save up to 80% on calls to landlines!


From Amsterdam to New York from Eindhoven to Ankara for unbelievably low costs!!

Mobile Savings

  Mobile Savings: The same prices for both landline and your mobile. All you need is the internet. That’s all! 

Everywhere and always accessible

It also works on Tablets*

With Hype Telecom you can transforming almost all mobile devices into a working telephone. Send real SMS from an iPod, calls from an iPad or bring your old smartphone to life.

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*Mobile app not available until DEC 2014.